Texas has the most uninsured population: Don't be a statistic

Texas has the most uninsured population: Don't be a statistic

Are you one of nearly 4 million Texans not covered by health insurance? According to the Texas Medical Association, 18% of our state population are uninsured. This makes the Lone Star State the most uninsured state in the nation. Whatever your reasons for not being covered, it's never worth it to take risks with your healthcare. Accidents and illness are unpredictable. There's no reason to put yourself in a vulnerable financial position should something happen, as out of pocket medical expenses can compound quickly. 

The risks of not having health care coverage can be life altering. As stated by the Texas Medical Association "The uninsured are up to four times less likely to have a regular source of health care and are more likely to die from health-related problems. They are much less likely to receive needed medical care, even for symptoms that can have serious health consequences if not treated." As an alternative to being on a health care plan and paying in regular installments that can be budgeted, too many Texans are opting for emergency care, even when it's unnecessary. "Lacking a medical home, uninsured people tend to look for health care in the emergency room, the most expensive setting they could possibly choose. Nationally, patients made over 146 million emergency room visits in 2016. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that about 4.3 percent (6.3 million) of ER visits are for non-urgent issues that could be treated in a doctor's office or clinic." according to TMA statistics

Why are so many Texans uninsured? Reasons can vary, but it usually comes down to affordability. The cost of health insurance largely depends on the type of coverage you need, how much flexibility you require, and whether or not you qualify for any subsidies. High premiums, high deductibles, and limited network options are contributing to a growing number of Texans choosing to take the risk of being among the uninsured. For anyone hoping to qualify for Medicaid over the last few years, the plan's eligibility requirements haven't seen any expansion by the state legislature, leaving many lower income families and individuals on their own to find affordable plans. Despite the fact that most Texans agree that the program should be expanded, we have yet to see any action in that direction. 

Another common demographic of the uninsured in Texas are employees of small companies which don't typically offer health insurance plans. According to a 2017 poll, only 49.4% of Texas companies offer company sponsored health insurance. This leaves quite a gap to be filled by outside coverage, not to mention the time it can take to sort through everything that's out there and find the right coverage for you.  We know insurance plans can be hard to navigate, and we're here to help.  

We can help you find coverage that is affordable and meets your needs. Short Term Health Insurance with supplemental policies is a viable alternative. Usually, these offer lower premiums and larger network coverage. Supplemental policies such as hospital recovery, accident, and life insurance with living benefits can be combined to cover deductibles in many cases. A phone call is all it takes to connect with our experts. Stop waiting and let us help you find affordable healthcare coverage today!


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