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Setting the Record Straight

ACA - ”Obamacare” Short Term Medical insurance fills in the GAPS in Obamacare which is fatally flawed. ACA plans started out with the premise of guaranteed issue & no Pre-existing conditions...

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Texas has the most uninsured population: Don't be a statistic

Texans are the highest uninsured population in the nation. We can help you find affordable coverage that meets your needs. Don't be a statistic, be protected!

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States Say Short-Term Plans are Viable Health Coverage

States across the US have begun to embrace and endorse short-term health insurance plans. Traditionally meant to be just gap coverage between insurance plan transitions, short-term plans have now become a vital component for a family’s health and financial protection mix...

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New evidence that short-term plans offer good coverage for many.

Its Not ‘Junk’ Health Insurance

You decideHouse Democrats last week voted to reverse a Trump Administration rule that the left has branded as promoting “junk insurance.” So note that the vote arrives the same week as a fresh analysis about how short-term health insurance can be a better op...

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