Here’s Why Sales of Obamacare Alternative Health Insurance Policies are Surging

Sales of Obamacare Alternative Health Insurance Policies with features largely banned by the Affordable Care Act are flourishing.  Why? Because healthy consumers are choosing an alternative that is cheaper and better fits their needs.

According to the Wall Street Journal Sales of Obamacare alternative health insurance policies are up sharply since the health law’s major provisions took effect in 2014.

The article and accompanying comments are further proof that healthy Americans who do not receive a subsidy under the Affordable Care Act are frustrated by the absorbent cost of the “affordable insurance”.  What the article fails to point out is that it’s not just the monthly premiums that causes the cost frustration.

The real frustration is that these premiums typically leave the policy holder with a large deductible. This deductible must be met before any insurance benefits are paid.  The gap between deductible and receipt of insurance benefits makes the Affordable Care Act a tax on health care.  Here’s why:

  • Insureds must pay their insurance premium monthly and reserve funds to pay their deductible in the event that they need medical services.
  • Most healthy individuals will not meet their deductible.
  • Since the insured is not receiving any benefit from their health insurance premium the payment of the premium should be considered a tax – not a benefit.

So how does a healthy individual get the insurance they deserve and avoid the ACA health care tax?

Here’s how (click to watch the video):

Video: Family Protection Grid UPDATED 02.22.2016

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