How to lookup fair costs for health care

Ever wonder if you are getting ripped off by your healthcare provider?

Healthcare Services ShoppingHow do you know if you are being charged a fair price for health care services and products? If your health insurance didn't cover something - how do you know what the fair price should be?

Health care is one ...

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This Years Rates Going Up As Much As 55%

Insurers seek health care policy clarity as critical deadlines loom

 Health Care FOXBusiness

trumpInsurers face two critical deadlines in September, by which time it appears increasingly unlikely they will have clarity on a number of key issues, including whet...

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Where Obamacare Has Become Unaffordable, Short Term Health Insurance Can Help

UnaffordableSeth Chandler, Contributor

Next time you run into someone who minimizes the problems with Obamacare, I want you to introduce them to Fay. She's a reasonably healthy 60 year old grandmother living in Fayette County, Illinois and earns about 450% of the federal poverty level ($53,4...

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Obamacare Is Uninsuring the Insured

The law expanded coverage among the poor at the expense of coverage among the middle class.medicalcosts


The number of people with individual health-insurance coverage is shrinking.

Despite $146 billion in federal subsidies to low-income households and well-capitalized insurers...

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